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  • Aida Nur


    2 books (48 pages each) or 1 book (96 pages)
    23,0 x 31,5 (hardcover) or 22,0 x 29,5,0 cm (softcover)
    Published in Danish, French, Dutch
    Ages 9 and up.



    Cairo 1922. With a handful of friends, the belly dancer Aida Nur locates an old Egyptian tomb. Through her contacts, she tries for an easy escape from poverty by selling its antique treasures on the black market. But the news of the intact vault attracts all kinds of greedy types without scruples – from the nightclub owner Mohassib to the 7th Earl of Curmudgeon.
    A period crime story.

    New edition and German publication in 2021

    Book 1 will be published in the German ZACK Magazin from June 2021. For this occasion, the complete Aida Nur comic has been rescanned from the original drawings and colourings and digitally restored and embellished by Sussi Bech.


    Sussi Bech Danish Comics Foreign RightsSussi Bech

    A 1983 graduate from the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen, Sussi Bech is an award-winning cartoonist living in Denmark. Her most popular graphic novel is Nofret – 13 volumes so far – which stars a young Egyptian girl in the land of the pharaohs and combines her adventures with historically accurate depictions of ancient Egypt. Sussi Bech has won several awards for her work.



  • Beetle and Bear


    1 book
    30 pages
    Book 2 in production (2021)
    23 x 23 cm
    Ages 4 and up



    Wordless stories about everyday events that turn into small adventures.
    In book 1, Beetle and Bear go for a walk at night, so Beetle can pee before he goes to sleep.
    We follow their walk in the cosy and imaginative city, looking for just the right tree.


    Peter Hermann Danish Comics Foreign RightsPeter Hermann

    Peter Hermann is a Danish artist who loves to mix elements of comic books and children’s books, drawn in a loose and colourful style.
    He was educated at the Kubert School in the USA and at Designskolen Kolding in Denmark.



  • Cousin Gross’ (dis)tasteful monstercookbook


    2 books
    88 pages
    21,0 x 28,0 cm



    The Underworld’s leading chef, good old Cousin Gross, has gathered 30 of the most terrifying monsters and their favourite dishes in the most (dis)tasteful cookbook the world has ever seen. The book was heavily covered on national Danish tv, radio and magazines when it came out.

    Book 2

    Coming out in 2021: The follow-up, Cousin Gross’ (dis)tasteful gluten-free and lactose-free monstercookbook.

    Published digitally on Fairytell app in Sweden and Germany.


    Thomas Schrøder Danish Comics Foreign RightsThomas Schrøder

    Author of the series ”Cousin Gross’ monstercookbook” and ”The Impossibles” and author of ”What ever turns you on”, translator and Disney-expert.


    Niels Voss Boldvig Danish Comics Foreign RightsNiels Voss Boldvig

    Author and illustrator of children’s books.
    Artist of The Impossibles.



  • Dorthea’s Survivals


    2 books
    48 pages
    Book 3 in production (Spring 2021)
    29,5 x 22,0 cm
    Ages 9 and up.



    Book 1: The Death List
    Interpol agent Dorthea Bourgogne gets busy when Interpol discover that a deathlist exists on which Dorthea herself is next in line. Her investigation takes her to castles, dungeons, train roofs and house roofs before the mystery is solved.

    Book 2: Lullaby
    Interpol agent Dorthea Bourgogne spots the face of an assassin that once tried to kill her.
    She goes undercover and is soon dangling from the ropes of a Viking ship before she identifies the assassin’s target and cracks the case.

    Book 3: The Castle of Vultures (Spring 2021)
    The conclusion to the previous book, ”Lullaby”. Dorthea wakes up inside a castle tower after having been abducted. She immediately sets out to survive and overcome the culprits, applying various mines and leftover weapons as well as her trusted fist.


    Henriette Westh Danish Comics Foreign RightsHenriette Westh

    Born 1963, autodidact artist with an affinity for comics. In 1988, her first professional comic book, “Hamlet 5. akt, scene 2” was published by Bogfabrikken. In 2020 she rekindled her old comics character, Dorthea, and created a full story of 44 pages and established her own publishing house. Henriette is currently
    working on her next comic book.

    Henriette Westh webpage


  • Homunculus


    1 book
    76 pages
    28,5 x 22,0 cm.
    Published in Danish and French.



    Meet supernatural sleuth Dr Harryhausen who fights false psychic media and explores the fifth dimension. Usually accompanied by his sidekick Homunculus – who, as his name suggests, is an artificial being created by an occult group whom Dr Harryhausen fiercely battles …


    Rune Ryberg Danish Comics Foreign RightsRune Ryberg

    Rune Ryberg is an award-winning Danish comic book artist with a history in animation. His style is loose and colour-full, often with longer wordless sequences and a focus on the characters inner emotional struggles and tribulations. His work is not shy of vivid colours and the reader is usually subjected to a playful 70’s acid trip. In 2020, Rune received the Danish Arts Foundation’s 3-year work grant, for his contribution to the art that is a renewal of Danish comics.


    Benni Bødker Danish Comics Foreign RightsBenni Bødker

    Born in 1975. He holds a Master’s Degree in Danish Literature and Philosophy and works as a publishing editor and teaches creative writing. He has published the novels Helvedesmaskinen (2004, The Infernal Machine) and Besættelse (2005, Occupation) for young adults and the children’s vampire series Nattens Børn (2006, Children of the Night) along with several easy reading titles. His books in English include Halloween (2004) and The Ghost Rider (2005).



  • Infection


    1 book
    78 pages
    Book 2 and 3 are in production.
    17,6 x 25,0 cm



    NEW! Originally a popular Danish webcomic. Now finally, remastered and expanded for print.

    Infection is a story of rage and revenge and is built around action and humour. We get to meet Dave Blame on his way to destruction throughout vol. 1. And it is only the beginning.
    Ages 13 and up.


    Casper Sand Danish Comics Foreign RightsCasper Sand Christensen

    A Danish comic artist and graphic designer, Casper’s published works include various newspaper strips and other anthology stories in Danish. He has been drawing comics for most of his life, but it is only recently that his work has been published in print. Infection has been a passion project for years now.




  • Kijara


    2 books
    Book 3 in production (Spring 2021)
    6 more books planned
    20,0 x28,0 cm



    The series takes place in a united European Union where genetic modification is common and people with illegal modifications are deported to enclosed camps. Kijara is illegally modified and forced to work for a police unit dealing with illegals.


    Tatiana Goldberg Danish Comics Foreign RightsTatiana Goldberg

    Writer and artist of Kijara as well as a licensed psychologist using her skills in the creation of characters and stories. Before Kijara Tatiana created several short comics for various anthologies and comic projects. Her first printed comic, the psychological horror comic Anima, was nominated for the Ping award for best Danish debut 2014 as well as shortlisted for the horror award for literature 2014.



  • Mortensen’s Escapades


    6 books
    48 pages
    22,0 x 29,5 cm

    Rights sold to USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Iceland.



    Mortensen is a timetraveler, traveling through history and solving complicated problems. Everything in the books are based on real events. In the backmatter of every book you can find data to support the book and continue research on your own. The books are popular in schools for educational purposes.

    Mortensens escapades Lars Jakobsen Danish Comics Foreign RightsNew book, The Tulip Mystery, out in September 2020

    In 1908, a giant explosion takes place over the Russian region Tonguska. Mortensen is led back to Berlin in 1944. At the same time scientist Niels Bohr and British Prime Minister Churchill meet in London to discuss the atomic bomb – it has been stolen. Mortensen’s faithful helper, the witch, is kidnapped to serve as a pilot for a secret operation. Based on real events.


    Lars Jakobsen Danish Comics Foreign RightsLars Jakobsen

    Lars Jakobsen is a Danish documentary filmmaker, author, artist and graphic designer. He has worked with a wide range of graphic styles, and amongst other things done illustrations for the fashion industry, advertisements, movies, cartoons and comics. He is the founder and organizer of the Art Bubble comic book festival. In Denmark, he is well known for his humorous comic strip Ganske Vist. He is also the artist behind the adventures series Mortensen’s Escapades, which in recent years has stepped out into the world.



  • Ørsted. He electrified the world


    1 book
    80 pages (63 comics pages + 12 page illustrated afterword)
    23,0 x 31,5, hardcover
    Published in Danish and English
    Ages 13 and up.



    One spring day in 1820, during a lecture, the Danish physicist Hans Christian Ørsted allowed a current from a battery to pass through a platinum wire that lay across a compass – and the compass needle moved! Ørsted had thereby demonstrated the link between electricity and magnetism.
    Hans Christian Ørsted is one of Denmark’s greatest natural scientists, and this comic book is being published to mark the 200th anniversary of his discovery of electromagnetism. But Ørsted was also one of the leading cultural figures of the Danish Golden Age and lived in a dramatic time for Denmark. This is the story of his life.


    Sussi Bech Danish Comics Foreign RightsSussi Bech

    A 1983 graduate from the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen, Sussi Bech is an award-winning cartoonist living in Denmark. Her most popular graphic novel is Nofret – 13 volumes so far – which stars a young Egyptian girl in the land of the pharaohs and combines her adventures with historically accurate depictions of ancient Egypt. Sussi Bech has won several awards for her work.


    Ingo Milton Danish Comics Foreign RightsIngo Milton

    Graduate from Design School Kolding.
    Founding member of Gimle Studio in Copenhagen 1980.
    Since 2006 he has collaborated with national museums using comics to visualise the lives of people who went before us: Iron age tribes in East Jutland, Saints from Jacques de Compostella to Santa Claus, Seamen in the Caribbean, crusaders, carpenters and scientists alike.
    This work earned him the Hanne Hansen award in 2014.


    Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen Danish Comics Foreign RightsJens Olaf Pepke Pedersen

    Born in 1958. He holds a PhD in physics and is a senior researcher at the Danish National Space Institute, where he conducts research into climate change. He has previously worked at the universities of Aarhus and Copenhagen, the CERN research centre in Geneva and several US universities.



  • Punk Life Crisis


    1 book
    90-100 pages
    18,0 x 24,5 cm
    Currently in production
    Coming out Autumn 2021 (Danish)



    “Punk Life Crisis” is for anyone who can’t fit into their old black metal T-shirts anymore. It’s a story of one last chance to be cool and rock out in a band.


    Simon Petersen Danish Comics Foreign RightsSimon Petersen

    Simon Petersen is a Danish cartoonist, who has been published for many years in Denmark, but also in many other countries, especially the U.S. He has been nominated for an ‘Ignatz’ award. His American publisher Pronto Comics has put out 7 of his books during the years. Simon works mostly with the themes of dark humor and no-filter satire.



  • Someone New


    1 book
    44 pages
    21 x 29,5 cm



    What the protagonist, Marta, thought would be a tale of two rational scientists and the unlimited power of science, was hacked by uncontrollable things like love, rain and some wild orange unicorn, forcing her to reconsider her approach to life.


    Maria Skov Pedersen Danish Comics Foreign RightsMaria Skov Pedersen

    Maria Skov Pedersen is a comic book artist, illustrator and graphic designer with a background in classical drawing and a BA+MA in Communication Design from HAW-Hamburg, Germany. Her comics are mostly about human beings who get lost in events that take them to somewhere beyond realism.


  • Something Awful Is Always About To Happen


    1 book
    136 pages
    17,0 x 23,0 cm



    A deeply personal, semi-autobiographical story about a young man trying to find love and success in the brutally competitive creative world while struggling with loneliness, depression and the consequences of toxic masculinity. At times darkly comedic, at times touching and socially relevant, this original graphic novel won the prestigious Ping-award for best Danish comic 2020.


    Lats Kramhøft Danish Comics Foreign RightsLars Kramhøft

    Lars Kramhøft (born 1984).
    Graduate from The Animation Workshop 2011.
    Award-winning Danish graphic novelist, children’s book author & illustrator.



  • Svim!


    1 book
    80 pages, b/w
    24,5 x 17,5 cm
    Published in Danish and Swedish.
    Age 15 years and up



    SWIM! is a surreal meditation on parenthood and the relationship between sons and fathers.

    Originally published in 2008, a new edition of this graphic novel is published by Forlaget Fahrenheit Autumn 2020.


    Henrik Rehr Danish Comics Foreign RightsHenrik Rehr

    Henrik Rehr, born 1964. He has published comics from, amongst others, Futuropolis, Dargaud/Urban China, Vents d’Ouest, Lerner Graphics, Ponent Mon, Jacoby & Stuart, Safara Editore, Carlsen Comics and Forlaget Fahrenheit.

    Henrik Rehr can read scripts in Danish, English, French, German, Swedish and Norwegian and is available for projects.

    Henrik Rehr on Instagram


  • The Mountains Ablaze


    1 book
    81 pages
    27,5 x 19,5 cm



    1835. A crippled boy is born into a frontier colony. After getting attacked by local bandits, he flees with his mother. In the wilderness, they become mixed up in a conflict between the military and the original inhabitants; The elves.


    Jacob Thybo Danish Comics Foreign RightsJacob Thybo

    Jacob Thybo was born in Denmark, and travelled to Finland, at an early age, to study arts.
    Back in Denmark, he has done preschool teaching, washing clothes for the local soccer team, garbage sorting and all along, comic illustrating.



  • The song we didn’t know


    1 book
    100 pages
    19,0 x 24,0 cm



    June 1990. Jannick, 15, is enjoying the peace of home with little brother Nis and their mother.

    Big sister Karen then arrives with a new friend, Camilla, ending the peace for Jannick. A story about family relationships, jealousy and desire.


    Christer Bøgh Andersen Danish Comics Foreign RightsChrister Bøgh Andersen

    Christer Boegh Andersen. Danish comic artist and author. Works as an illustrator and communication consultant.

    Debuted in 2014 with the graphic short story collection ‘The sophisticated junk dealer’, which was nominated for the Ping award for best Danish debut 2014.



  • The Whispers Game


    1 book
    72 pages
    24,0 x 17,0 cm
    Publication date: March 2021 (Denmark)
    Sold to: France and Korea.



    Playing ”pass the message” at school was a lot of fun for Vera and her friends. Then the quiet, new girl Anna joined the game. She whispered: ‘My mom hits me’. The Whispers Game is a comic book about girls making themselves heard.


    Sofie Louise Dam Danish Comics Foreign RightsSofie Louise Dam

    Born in 1992. Cartoonist and illustrator. Graduated with a BA in Graphic Storytelling from The Animation Workshop in 2017.


    Morten Dürr Danish Comics Foreign RightsMorten Dürr

    Danish Children’s author with 57 published books. Translated into 20 languages. Current bestseller is the graphic novel, Zenobia.




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