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The Foreign Rights Portal of The Danish Guild of Professional Comics Artists and Writers. We present you with a wide variety of available properties and artistic styles. Please feel free to contact the individual proterty owners in case you find something of interest.
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  • A Raven in May


    1 book
    60 pages, hardcover b/w
    18.0 x 25.0 cm



    Author and illustrator Nicolai Hvidberg Jørgensen has created this book of Blackout Poetry with beautiful illustrations to support them.


    Nicolai Hvidberg Jørgensen Danish Comics Foreign RightsNicolai Hvidberg Jørgensen

    Freelance illustrator since 2009 working on illustration assignments ranging from posters, drawings to magazines, comic books, vinyl covers, portrait drawings, character designs to storyboards, murals, performance art, advertising ads, visual identity and T-shirt and logo design.



  • Aida Nur


    2 books (48 pages each) or 1 book (96 pages)
    23.0 x 31.5 (hardcover) or 22.0 x 29.5 cm (softcover)
    Published in Danish, French, Dutch, German. Rights sold to Estonia.
    Ages 9 and up.



    Cairo 1922. With a handful of friends, the belly dancer Aida Nur locates an old Egyptian tomb. Through her contacts, she tries for an easy escape from poverty by selling its antique treasures on the black market. But the news of the intact vault attracts all kinds of greedy types without scruples – from the nightclub owner Mohassib to the 7th Earl of Curmudgeon.
    A period crime story.

    New 2023 edition

    During 2021/22 Aida Nur was published in the German ZACK Magazin. For this occasion, the complete Aida Nur series was rescanned from the original drawings & colourings and digitally restored and embellished by Sussi Bech. This new edition was published in Denmark September 2023.


    Sussi Bech Danish Comics Foreign RightsSussi Bech

    A 1983 graduate from the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen, Sussi Bech is an award-winning cartoonist living in Denmark. Her most popular graphic novel is Nofret – 13 volumes so far – which stars a young Egyptian girl in the land of the pharaohs and combines her adventures with historically accurate depictions of ancient Egypt. Sussi Bech has won several awards for her work.



  • Aksel and Supernova


    1 book
    100 pages
    22.00 x 31.0 cm.



    Aksel befriends Nova, a girl from the sky with superpowers, and must decide whether her powers should be used to his own benefit or to help other people.


    Niels Roland Danish Comics Foreign RightsNiels Roland

    Debut in 1986 with The Studio (Atelieret), short satirical comics about a group of frustrated young artists. In 1990, 50 years after the German occupation, Roland, Morten Hesseldahl and Henrik Rehr made five volumes of Denmark Occupied (Danmark Besat), each covering one year of the occupation. Since then Niels has concentrated on daily and weekly comics for Danish newspapers, in recent years mainly Weekendavisen.



  • Alexandra & Geraldine


    2 books
    48 pages each, b/w
    29.5 x 22 cm
    Printing material: Available as TIFF files.
    Age 10 years and up



    Comedic space opera.

    The twins Alexandra and Geraldine try to visit their aunt on a distant planet, but unwanted adventures keep getting in their way.

    Published in English


    Henrik Rehr Danish Comics Foreign RightsHenrik Rehr

    Henrik Rehr, born in 1964. He has published comics from, amongst others, Futuropolis, Dargaud/Urban China, Vents d’Ouest, Lerner Graphics, Ponent Mon, Jacoby & Stuart, Safara Editore, Carlsen Comics and Forlaget Fahrenheit.

    Henrik Rehr can read scripts in Danish, English, French, German, Swedish and Norwegian and is available for projects.

    Henrik Rehr on Instagram

    Lars Horneman Danish Comics Foreign RightsLars Horneman

    Illustrator and comics artist. Zenobia with author Morten Dürr won him several awards for Best Graphic Novel in 2016 and the Illustration Award of the Danish Ministry of Culture.



  • Alf wants a pet NOW!


    2 books, 28 pages each
    21,0 x 21,0 cm
    Ages 4 and up

    Reading samples:



    Two crazy and fun picture books for kids (and their parents) with illustrations in an appealing cartoony style that will make children want to hear the stories over and over again.

    Book 1: Alf wants a pet NOW!

    Alf is 5 years old. Alf likes animals very much. Every day Alf asks his mom and dad if he can have a pet. Please! In the end, mom and dad drive Alf to the pet store to buy a pet. But Alf does not want a hamster. Alf wants a wild animal!

    Book 2: Sussi and the senseless shoes

    Sussi is 5 years old. Sussi is extremely fond of shoes. Every day, Mom tells Sussi to wear her sensible shoes for school. But sensible shoes are boring and annoying company. One day, Sussi finds a pair of shoes in her Mother’s locker she has never seen before. It is as if they’re talking to her!


    Frank Madsen Danish Comics Foreign RightsFrank Madsen

    A creator of children’s books and graphic novels – notably the adventures of Kurt Dunder – Frank Madsen is an award-winning cartoonist and three times Best Danish Comics Author nominée. Author of the weekly satirical cartoon Eks Libris since 2010.
    Frank has also written the popular picture books for children Snus Mus about a mouse detective, with illustrations by Sussi Bech. The books were published in Chile in 2018 and more are in production.



  • Anepantla


    1 book
    2 more planned
    50 pages
    21.0 x 30.0 cm

    Ages 9 and up



    Anepantla is an expressive historical fiction drama that takes place during the height of the Aztec Empire. We follow the young court musician, Atl, as she discovers the secrets of the mystical Rain God whom she feels inexplicably drawn to.


    Lina Rosé Saxtorph

    I’m a self-taught artist and illustrator from Copenhagen who debuted in 2021 with part one of my comic series: Anepantla. While working on this, I trained in Edinburgh for a degree in musical theatre. In 2018 I had my art exhibited for the first time, which officially marked the start of my professional art career. My comic and visual art are driven by my interest in Mesoamerican history and culture, and I find I tend to express this rich history best through watercolour.



  • Anima


    1 books
    104 pages
    16.5 x 24.0 cm (wide format)
    Ages 13 and up.



    Anima is a psychological horror story about a young man trying to fight off a strange biological infection. But not everything is at it seems. Anima was nominated for the Ping-award for best Danish comic debut 2014 and the Danish horror award for literature.


    Tatiana Goldberg Danish Comics Foreign RightsTatiana Goldberg

    Writer and artist of the award-winning comic book series Kijara as well as a licensed psychologist using her skills in the creation of characters and stories. Tatiana teaches comics and character design for kids, teens and adults. Her psychological horror comic Anima, was nominated for the Ping award for best Danish debut in 2014 as well as shortlisted for the Danish horror award for literature.



  • Anne’s Seizures


    1 book, 64 pages in colour
    19.0 x 27.0 cm
    Published in Danish
    Ages 10 and up.

    • Contact for Foreign Rights: Lene H.S. Toscano (Chief Medical Officer, Center for Functional Disorders Medical at Vejle Hospital, Denmark)
    • Reading sample: PDF in English



    Functional seizures affect every year 50 to 150 children and adolescents in Denmark. One in ten people examined for epilepsy is found to have functional seizures. This book explains in a new way to children and adolescents about functional seizures and how to deal with them.


    Lene H.S. ToscanoLene H.S. Toscano

    Lene H. S. Toscano is a Danish medical doctor and leader of the Center for Functional Disorders and Psychosomatics at Vejle Hospital in Denmark. She is also an author and journalist who has dedicated the last 15 years to teaching and being a mediator of knowledge about functional disorders. Anne’s Seizures is her most recent publication.

    Erik PetriErik Petri

    Erik Petri is a well-known danish Illustrator with roots in cartooning and has a great fondness for complex subjects, that can be challenging to translate visually. On this project, he has worked closely with the author and a group of psychiatrists from the Aarhus and Aalborg hospital, who are the expert panel in this particular illness case story. The comic book has been tested on children who suffer from seizures. He found this very insightful so that he could be sure that he was faithful to their experience. When he is not visualizing other people’s stories, he works on a larger comic opus about a symbolist painter, which he both draws and writes.


  • Anton


    1 book
    60 pages
    23.0 x 27.5 cm



    Author: Freddy Milton
    Artist: Peter Madsen

    When Anton drives home with his mega mechanical machine on the bike cargo rack, he makes an astounding discovery: The bike ride all by itself without him having to step the pedals. This is “Valhalla” artist Peter Madsen’s first comic, written by Freddy Milton.


  • Beetle and Bear


    1 book
    30 pages
    Book 2 in production
    23.0 x 23.0 cm

    Ages 4 and up



    Wordless stories about everyday events that turn into small adventures.
    In book 1, Beetle and Bear go for a walk at night, so Beetle can pee before he goes to sleep.
    We follow their walk in the cosy and imaginative city, looking for just the right tree.


    Peter Hermann Danish Comics Foreign RightsPeter Hermann

    Peter Hermann is a Danish artist who loves to mix elements of comic books and children’s books, drawn in a loose and colourful style.
    He was educated at the Kubert School in the USA and at Designskolen Kolding in Denmark.



  • Berserker


    3 books
    44 pages each
    21.0 x 29.7 cm



    Berserker tells the tale of Saxnôt, who is consecrated as Berserker, a sort of holy warrior. Berserker is settled in the 8th/9th century when king Godfred of the Danes was fighting against Charlemagne, the mighty Frankish emperor.

    Published on Comixology in English.


    Eric Knipper Danish Comics Foreign RightsEric Knipper

    Eric Knipper lives in Copenhagen. His comics have been published in newspapers and book form: Twilight, Nørrebronx 1-2, Germania (with the National Museum of Denmark) and Berserker. He has contributed to several comics anthologies in Denmark and Australia.



  • Bloodwedding


    1 book
    80 pages, b/w
    24.5 x 17.5 cm
    Printing material: Available as TIFF files.
    Age 15 years and up



    An adaption of Federico Garcia Lorca’s play from 1932. Adaption by Henrik Rehr, art by Cav Bøgelund.


    Henrik Rehr Danish Comics Foreign RightsHenrik Rehr

    Henrik Rehr, born in 1964. He has published comics from, amongst others, Futuropolis, Dargaud/Urban China, Vents d’Ouest, Lerner Graphics, Ponent Mon, Jacoby & Stuart, Safara Editore, Carlsen Comics and Forlaget Fahrenheit.

    Henrik Rehr can read scripts in Danish, English, French, German, Swedish and Norwegian and is available for projects.

    Henrik Rehr on Instagram


  • Bolette Hansen


    3 books
    44 pages each
    Black & white
    29.5 x 21.0 cm
    Ages 12 and up



    1920’s Copenhagen – a roaring, thriving metropolis and Bolette Hansen, crime novelist, is struggling with her latest novel.
    A chance meeting with a stranger sets events in motion and thrusts Ms Hansen into the criminal underworld of the Danish capital.


    Paul Arne Kring Danish Comics Foreign RightsPaul Arne Kring

    Born in 1953. Paul Arne Kring is a theatre scenographer, puppet designer and comics artist. In 1969 he had his first story with Weneetryhl published in Denmark, and in recent years three more stories have come from his talented hands. His detective stories with Bolette Hansen was published weekly in the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet.



  • Cassiopeia’s New Star


    1 book
    270 pages, colour
    18.2 x 12.85

    Ages 12 and up

    Published in Swedish



    Charming and warm historic drama comedy. About renaissance science and the discovery of a new star in 1572 (a Super nova). Based on the Astronomer with the golden nose, Tycho Brahe’s (and his struggling sister Sofie’s) life and work, until his death at the court of Emperor Rudolf II Habsburg in Prague 1601.


    Anders WormAnders Worm

    Anders Worm grew up in Roskilde, Denmark. His animation film from the National Film School of Denmark was in the Cannes Film Festival’s 2001 official selection. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden and works from his own studio for Television and Film. More than seven years were spent on research and production of the graphic novel debut, Cassiopeia’s New Star, before it was released in 2023.


  • Chili Gomobo


    2 books
    82-76 pages, colours
    21.8 x 27.8 cm



    Chili Gomobo #1: Raktus
    Chili Gomobo is a street performer on the planet Raktus. His ancient robot, which is clumsy and annoying, helps. And the income is low. A state of chaos is rising.

    Chili Gomobo #2: Svanninge
    Violas life is hell. Her boyfriend is violent, lazy and a drunk. She suffers from migraine. Viola is desperate. Is there any help to get in the alternative world? Some acupuncture or magic, perhaps?


    Rene Birkholm Danish Comics Foreign RightsRené Birkholm

    René Birkholm holds degrees as graphic designer (The Design School Kolding). René Birkholm’s genre is science fiction with a twist and a critical approach. Issues such as gene therapy, racism, karma and abuse of nature are at stake.



  • Clumsy Hans


    1 book
    20 pages, softcover b/w
    17.6 x 25.0 cm



    Clumsy-Hans is a H.C.Andersen fairytale from 1855. A very old story told once again. This time around in a comic book manner.


    Nicolai Hvidberg Jørgensen Danish Comics Foreign RightsNicolai Hvidberg Jørgensen

    Freelance illustrator since 2009 working on illustration assignments ranging from posters, drawings to magazines, comic books, vinyl covers, portrait drawings, character designs to storyboards, murals, performance art, advertising ads, visual identity and T-shirt and logo design.



  • Comet Kurt & Rex


    3 books
    68 pages
    16.0 x 23.0 cm

    Ages 6 years and up



    Comet Kurt has his very own space rocket. He has a very cool job too. Kurt is a rocket delivery boy flying through outer space with his trusted robot dog Rex. A fun read for young school children – guaranteed to spark their imagination.


    Morten Dürr Danish Comics Foreign RightsMorten Dürr

    Danish Childrens author with 61 published books, translated into 21 languages. Morten has won several national book awards including “Skriverprisen”, from the Educational Ministry of Denmark. Titles in this catalogue: “Comet Kurt and Rex”, “The Whispers Game”, “Ivalu” and “Zenobia”.


    Patrick Steptoe

    Former product designer turns comics artist and illustrations activist. With a penchant for creating pictorial narratives with satirical bite and absurd humor, Patrick has cultivated animation, comics and picture books for children. His latest award-winning album has received rave reviews.


  • Cousin Gross’ (dis)tasteful monstercookbook


    2 books
    88 pages
    21.0 x 28.0 cm

    Ages 6 years and up



    The Underworld’s leading chef, good old Cousin Gross, has gathered 30 of the most terrifying monsters and their favourite dishes in the most (dis)tasteful cookbook the world has ever seen. The book was heavily covered on national Danish tv, radio and magazines when it came out.

    Book 2

    In 2021 came the follow-up, Cousin Gross’ (dis)tasteful gluten-free and lactose-free monstercookbook.

    Published digitally on Fairytell app in Sweden and Germany.


    Thomas Schrøder Danish Comics Foreign RightsThomas Schrøder

    Author of the series ”Cousin Gross’ monstercookbook” and ”The Impossibles” and author of ”What ever turns you on”, translator and Disney-expert.


    Niels Voss Boldvig Danish Comics Foreign RightsNiels Voss Boldvig

    Author and illustrator of children’s books.
    Artist of The Impossibles.



  • DAD


    1 book
    55 pages
    21.5 x 30.0 cm

    For ages 12 and up



    Following a terminal illness and death in the family, how do you go on with your life? 55 years old Søren M. Thomsen does it by making his first graphic novel “DAD” A Heart Touching homage to his father and family.


    Søren Maarbjerg Thomsen

    Born 1965. Author and illustrator of DAD.



  • Do monsters brush their teeth?


    1 book, more underway
    24 pages
    21,0 x 24,0 cm

    Published in Danish and Icelandic.



    Silja is a little girl who likes to play a monster.
    But even monsters get their teeth brushed, says her dad. But Silja doesn’t want that and one day, she turns into GoodSilja and eats her dad. No more toothbrushing.


    Arni Beck Gunnarsson Danish Comics Foreign RightsÁrni Beck Gunnarsson

    Author of the Silja books and Danish translator of Mouse Guard and ApocalyptiGirl. Árni represents several Danish creators internationally.



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