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Rene Birkholm

  • Chili Gomobo


    2 books
    82-76 pages, colours
    21.8 x 27.8 cm



    Chili Gomobo #1: Raktus
    Chili Gomobo is a street performer on the planet Raktus. His ancient robot, which is clumsy and annoying, helps. And the income is low. A state of chaos is rising.

    Chili Gomobo #2: Svanninge
    Violas life is hell. Her boyfriend is violent, lazy and a drunk. She suffers from migraine. Viola is desperate. Is there any help to get in the alternative world? Some acupuncture or magic, perhaps?


    Rene Birkholm Danish Comics Foreign RightsRené Birkholm

    René Birkholm holds degrees as graphic designer (The Design School Kolding). René Birkholm’s genre is science fiction with a twist and a critical approach. Issues such as gene therapy, racism, karma and abuse of nature are at stake.



  • Nightlife


    1 book
    64 pages, colours
    24.0 x 17.0 cm



    Come with the boy Otto on an exciting adventure into the mysteries of the night. When monsters disturb his sleep, Otto and his family embark on a quest to uncover the truth behind these nocturnal visitors. A heartwarming tale of courage, discovery and unexpected friendships.

    Ages 5 years and up


    Rene Birkholm Danish Comics Foreign RightsRené Birkholm

    Illustrator and writer with a fondness for comics and children’s books. Graduated as a graphic designer from the Design School in Kolding. Additionally, works as a freelance illustrator and teaches various creative subjects. Founder of the Azobe Books publishing house.




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