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  • Eks Libris


    10 books (535 Sunday pages)
    52 pages each
    17,0 x 24,0
    Published in Danish
    Ages 15 and up.



    Eks Libris satirizes everything in the swank world of literature: the authors, the publishing houses, the bookstores, the librarians, and – the readers. Created in 2009, the weekly comic strip the size of an American Sunday strip has been immensely popular and has so far had its entries reprinted in nine book collections.


    Sussi Bech Danish Comics Foreign RightsSussi Bech

    A 1983 graduate from the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen, Sussi Bech is an award-winning cartoonist living in Denmark. Her most popular graphic novel is Nofret – 13 volumes so far – which stars a young Egyptian girl in the land of the pharaohs and combines her adventures with historically accurate depictions of ancient Egypt. Sussi Bech has won several awards for her work.


    Frank Madsen Danish Comics Foreign RightsFrank Madsen

    A creator of children’s books and graphic novels – notably the
    adventures of Kurt Dunder – Frank Madsen is an award-winning
    cartoonist and three times Best Danish Comics Author nominée. Author of the weekly satirical cartoon Eks Libris since 2010.
    Frank has also written the popular picture books for children Snus Mus about a mouse detective, with illustrations by Sussi Bech. The books were published in Chile in 2018 and more are in production.



  • Ingemann


    Newspaper strips
    4.500 in stock

    Contact for Foreign Rights: Michael G. Nielsen, Forlaget Zoom
    (All markets outside Denmark)
    Reading samples: www.ekstrabladet.dk



    Fifteen years ago a Danish newspaper and a Danish publisher collaborated in a competition seeking new comics talents. The winner was Morten Ingemann and ever since the strip has been daily in the newspaper. Books, calendars and other special spinoffs have been published and sold in huge print runs. More than 4500 strips have so far been made.
    The strip can be published daily in a newspaper or a magazine, or printed as a collection.


    Morten_IngemannMorten Ingemann

    Author and artist of “Ingemann”.



  • Punk Life Crisis


    1 book
    90-100 pages
    18,0 x 24,5 cm
    Currently in production
    Coming out Autumn 2021 (Danish)



    “Punk Life Crisis” is for anyone who can’t fit into their old black metal T-shirts anymore. It’s a story of one last chance to be cool and rock out in a band.


    Simon Petersen Danish Comics Foreign RightsSimon Petersen

    Simon Petersen is a Danish cartoonist, who has been published for many years in Denmark, but also in many other countries, especially the U.S. He has been nominated for an ‘Ignatz’ award. His American publisher Pronto Comics has put out 7 of his books during the years. Simon works mostly with the themes of dark humor and no-filter satire.




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