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The Foreign Rights Portal of The Danish Guild of Professional Comics Artists and Writers. We present you with a wide variety of available properties and artistic styles. Please feel free to contact the individual proterty owners in case you find something of interest.
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  • Alexandra & Geraldine


    2 books
    48 pages each, b/w
    29.5 x 22 cm
    Printing material: Available as TIFF files.
    Age 10 years and up



    Comedic space opera.

    The twins Alexandra and Geraldine try to visit their aunt on a distant planet, but unwanted adventures keep getting in their way.

    Published in English


    Henrik Rehr Danish Comics Foreign RightsHenrik Rehr

    Henrik Rehr, born in 1964. He has published comics from, amongst others, Futuropolis, Dargaud/Urban China, Vents d’Ouest, Lerner Graphics, Ponent Mon, Jacoby & Stuart, Safara Editore, Carlsen Comics and Forlaget Fahrenheit.

    Henrik Rehr can read scripts in Danish, English, French, German, Swedish and Norwegian and is available for projects.

    Henrik Rehr on Instagram

    Lars Horneman Danish Comics Foreign RightsLars Horneman

    Illustrator and comics artist. Zenobia with author Morten Dürr won him several awards for Best Graphic Novel in 2016 and the Illustration Award of the Danish Ministry of Culture.



  • Anima


    1 books
    104 pages
    16.5 x 24.0 cm (wide format)
    Ages 13 and up.



    Anima is a psychological horror story about a young man trying to fight off a strange biological infection. But not everything is at it seems. Anima was nominated for the Ping-award for best Danish comic debut 2014 and the Danish horror award for literature.


    Tatiana Goldberg Danish Comics Foreign RightsTatiana Goldberg

    Writer and artist of the award-winning comic book series Kijara as well as a licensed psychologist using her skills in the creation of characters and stories. Tatiana teaches comics and character design for kids, teens and adults. Her psychological horror comic Anima, was nominated for the Ping award for best Danish debut in 2014 as well as shortlisted for the Danish horror award for literature.



  • Chili Gomobo


    2 books
    82-76 pages, colours
    21.8 x 27.8 cm



    Chili Gomobo #1: Raktus
    Chili Gomobo is a street performer on the planet Raktus. His ancient robot, which is clumsy and annoying, helps. And the income is low. A state of chaos is rising.

    Chili Gomobo #2: Svanninge
    Violas life is hell. Her boyfriend is violent, lazy and a drunk. She suffers from migraine. Viola is desperate. Is there any help to get in the alternative world? Some acupuncture or magic, perhaps?


    Rene Birkholm Danish Comics Foreign RightsRené Birkholm

    René Birkholm holds degrees as graphic designer (The Design School Kolding). René Birkholm’s genre is science fiction with a twist and a critical approach. Issues such as gene therapy, racism, karma and abuse of nature are at stake.



  • Comet Kurt & Rex


    3 books
    68 pages
    16.0 x 23.0 cm

    Ages 6 years and up



    Comet Kurt has his very own space rocket. He has a very cool job too. Kurt is a rocket delivery boy flying through outer space with his trusted robot dog Rex. A fun read for young school children – guaranteed to spark their imagination.


    Morten Dürr Danish Comics Foreign RightsMorten Dürr

    Danish Childrens author with 61 published books, translated into 21 languages. Morten has won several national book awards including “Skriverprisen”, from the Educational Ministry of Denmark. Titles in this catalogue: “Comet Kurt and Rex”, “The Whispers Game”, “Ivalu” and “Zenobia”.


    Patrick Steptoe

    Former product designer turns comics artist and illustrations activist. With a penchant for creating pictorial narratives with satirical bite and absurd humor, Patrick has cultivated animation, comics and picture books for children. His latest award-winning album has received rave reviews.


  • Kijara


    4 books
    80-96 pages each
    Book 4 out in Spring 2024
    5 more books planned
    20.0 x 28.0 cm



    The Kijara comics take place in a united European Union where genetic modification is common and people with illegal modifications are deported to camps.

    Kijara is illegally modified herself and forced to work for a special police unit dealing with genetic crime.


    Tatiana Goldberg

    Tatiana Goldberg, born 1981. Illustrator and author. Creator of the award winning graphic novel series Kijara as well as award nominated graphic novel Anima.

    Teaches comics and character design.



  • MetroZone


    1 book
    134 pages, colour
    19.5 x 26.0 (hardcover)
    Published in Italy.

    Ages 13 and up



    Pursued by police and terrorists, a gamer girl and her biomechanized brother must escape the metro tunnels of a future sunken city before they too get flooded.

    Metrozone is a science fiction story for young adults, inspired by the great movies and sci-fi comics of the 1980s, as well as manga.

    It’s a highly original take on “the chosen girl” trope.


    Søren Glosimodt Mosdal

    Born 1972 in Nairobi, Kenya.

    Based in Copenhagen, Søren has worked for the last 20 years as a comic artist and illustrator for many major Danish newspapers and magazines as well as a wide range of publishers abroad.





  • Phase 3


    1 book
    64 pages, colour
    22.0 x 29.5 cm

    Ages 13 and up



    The zombie sickness has cost Gregory his entire family since its outbreak in 1968.

    Zombies have become part of everyday life, but now the virus has evolved to infect animals as well… and Gregory may be humanity’s last hope.




    Writer, artist, state-certified translator and interpreter. After working for the EU Commission in Brussels, he returned to Denmark … and his first love, comic books. Alongside writing and illustrating comics, he has translated and lettered hundreds of French comics for various Danish publishing houses. (also colourist on Phase 3)


    Dan Møller

    Self employed illustrator and art director born 1965. Graduated graphic designer from the Design School Kolding. Lives and works in Herning with illustration, concept development, and advertising.



  • Portal


    1 book
    56 pages
    19.5 x 25.0 cm
    From 10 years+



    Rasmus loses his parents in a car crash but discovers the existence of a multiverse of infinite possibilities and goes on a search for a world in which his parents could still be alive.

    Script by Lars Kramhøft. Art by Tom Kristensen.


    Lats Kramhøft Danish Comics Foreign RightsLars Kramhøft

    Lars Kramhøft (born 1984).
    Graduate from The Animation Workshop 2011.
    Award-winning Danish graphic novelist, children’s book author & illustrator.


    Tom Kristensen Danish Comics Foreign RightsTom Kristensen

    Born in 1982. Tom Kristensen is an illustrator and occasionally award-winning comic creator. Graduated from Design School Kolding in 2012.



  • Repulsive Attraction


    1 book
    84 pages
    32.0 x 21.5 cm



    A socio-critical collection of novels in toxic colors. A bastard of dystopian pantomime tales about the greedy mutants of capitalism and environmental decay. Absurd and repulsive visions of doomsday, and the imminent collapse of society. No speech balloons, only black humor, radioactive colors, and transgressive details.


    Repulsive Attraction won the Ping Award for Best Danish Debut 2020 and got numerous positive reviews in its homeland and abroad.


    Patrick Steptoe

    Former product designer turns comics artist and illustrations activist. With a penchant for creating pictorial narratives with satirical bite and absurd humor, Patrick has cultivated animation, comics and picture books for children. His latest award-winning album has received rave reviews.




  • The Shadow Ark


    1 book
    128 pages
    21.0 x 28.5 cm



    The last of mankind has left Earth and sought refugee among the stars aboard the giant spaceship The Ark.
    A series of grim murders frightens the lower decks, and two women gets assigned to the case – reluctant Molly and dutiful Luna.


  • To the Bone


    1 book
    32 pages
    14.8 x 23.0 cm

    Ages 12 and up



    How do you explain one of the biggest mysteries of our time? In To the Bone, we follow three heroes as a tragic chain of events causes them to break all the rules of time travel – with devastating consequences for everyone.


    Craig Frank

    Born in 1961, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Moved to Denmark in the late ’80s. Graduated with a BFA and has worked in animation. Has directed several animated films (JOURNEY to SATURN) and has created several graphic novels. JFK Secret OPS and COOL VALLEY.


    Aksel Studsgarth

    Originally trained as an industrial designer but fell in love with animation and the film industry. Over the years, he’s worked for Amblimation, Dreamworks and LEGO as well as co-founding the successful visual effects c. Ghost VFX. He’s written several short stories and TO THE BONE and GRÁR are his first published comics.


  • Weneetryhl


    3 books
    Book 1, 48 pages
    Book 2, 96 pages
    Book 3, 60 pages
    29.5 x 21.0 cm
    Ages 12 and up.



    In the socialist future of tomorrow, Weneetryhl – who helped found the galactic federation – finds herself travelling through the universe, where she encounters unsavoury characters, patriarchal civilizations, the remnants of an old Christian space colony and dinosaurs.


    Paul Arne Kring Danish Comics Foreign RightsPaul Arne Kring

    Born in 1953. Paul Arne Kring is a theatre scenographer, puppet designer and comics artist. In 1969 he had his first story with Weneetryhl published in Denmark, and in recent years three more stories have come from his talented hands. His detective stories with Bolette Hansen was published weekly in the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet.




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