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Arni Beck Gunnarsson

  • Do monsters brush their teeth?


    1 book, more underway
    24 pages
    21,0 x 24,0 cm

    Published in Danish and Icelandic.



    Silja is a little girl who likes to play a monster.
    But even monsters get their teeth brushed, says her dad. But Silja doesn’t want that and one day, she turns into GoodSilja and eats her dad. No more toothbrushing.


    Arni Beck Gunnarsson Danish Comics Foreign RightsÁrni Beck Gunnarsson

    Author of the Silja books and Danish translator of Mouse Guard and ApocalyptiGirl. Árni represents several Danish creators internationally.


    Lars Jakobsen Danish Comics Foreign RightsLars Jakobsen

    Lars Jakobsen is a Danish documentary filmmaker, author, artist and graphic designer. He has worked with a wide range of graphic styles, and amongst other things done illustrations for the fashion industry, advertisements, movies, cartoons and comics. He is the founder and organizer of the Art Bubble comic book festival. In Denmark, he is well known for his humorous comic strip Ganske Vist. He is also the artist behind the adventures series Mortensen’s Escapades, which in recent years has stepped out into the world.



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