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  • Gnuff


    18 books
    48 pages each
    22,0 x 29,5 cm



    Nuft and the last Dragons Gnuff Freddy Milton Danish Comics Foreign Rights

    The series is about a family of dragons and their problems with living in modern society. They get into trouble with other characters who have other plans for the town. Plans which will suit their personal interests more.

    US edition from Fantagraphics

    This April, Fantagraphics will begin releasing the Gnuff series in the United States, starting with a compilation that contains the first three stories.


    Freddy Milton Danish Comics Foreign RightsFreddy Milton

    Comics artist and writer. Has worked with the European editions of Donald Duck and Woody Woodpecker. Gnuff (aka The Dragons) and Villiam are two of his own comics creations.
    Since the start of his career in the 1970s, he has worked for Danish, Swedish and Dutch comics publishers. During the 2010s he has also acted as a novelist.



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