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The Foreign Rights Portal of The Danish Guild of Professional Comics Artists and Writers. We present you with a wide variety of available properties and artistic styles. Please feel free to contact the individual proterty owners in case you find something of interest.
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Fantasy & Esoteric

  • Nanna’s Dream


    1 book
    56 pages
    22,0 x 29,5 cm



    A story from Nordic mythology. As Balder returns to Asgard, he gets everyone’s attention and Loki feels ignored.
    Out of sheer jealousy, Loki lets Balder meet Nanna, a human princess and the fiancée of Hother, Balder’s unknown twin brother.


    Karsten Mungo Madsen Danish Comics Foreign RightsKarsten Mungo Madsen

    Director, animator, illustrator, writer and cartoonist. Karsten is manager and owner of Tiny Film ApS, that produces animated TV series.
    His illustrated children’s books have been published in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and China.



  • Tall Tales of Midgard


    Book 1: 48 pages
    Book 2: 66 pages
    Book 3: 88 pages
    23.0 x 31.0 cm



    The story follows Root, a mischievous young thrall living in captivity. By chance, he is freed by Vali, son of the trickster god Loki, whom Vali plans to free from the underworld, thus beginning the end of the world; Ragnarok.

    Published in the US by Source Point Press.


    Bjørk Matias Friis Danish Comics Foreign RightsBjørk Matias Friis

    Born in 1990 and originally a grade school teacher, Bjørk now creates historical comic books for kids and adults alike. Tall Tales mixes accurate historical details with a boost of humour and contemporary attitude.



  • The Mountains Ablaze


    2 books
    81 pages each
    27.5 x 19.5 cm



    1835. A crippled boy is born into a frontier colony. After getting attacked by local bandits, he flees with his mother. In the wilderness, they become mixed up in a conflict between the military and the original inhabitants: the Elves.


    Jacob Thybo Danish Comics Foreign RightsJacob Thybo

    Jacob Thybo was born in Denmark, and travelled to Finland, at an early age, to study arts.
    Back in Denmark, he has done preschool teaching, washing clothes for the local soccer team, garbage sorting and all along, comics illustrating.




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