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The Ocean



1 book
88 pages, b/w
19 x 26 cm
Ages 13 and up.



“Sometimes I really hate you,” the boy says to his mother. They have just moved to a remote island during the off-season. The mother is trying to restart her life after a rough breakup with the boy’s father, but the boy struggles to find his place in their new home. As the mother becomes invigorated, the boy becomes increasingly dark and secluded. Gradually, the mother realizes that some of the choices we make can have fatal consequences. “The Ocean” is inspired by one of the most peculiar laws of physics – the second law of thermodynamics, which posits that disorder always increases in the universe. Quantum physicist Ulrich Hoff puts everything into perspective in an enlightening postscript.


Jan Egesborg (writer)

Jan Egesborg is a Danish writer, based on the small isolated island of Mandø in the Wadden Sea. He has written 18 books and some of which have previously been translated into German and Japanese. His books consists of whimsical children stories about different scientific topics and dark graphic novels for adults.

Kim Larsen (artist)

Over the past twenty years, Kim Larsen has crafted comics predominantly for anthologies and online platforms. In addition to his drawing career, he has penned numerous articles about the art of comics, and is currently holding a position as a chief graphic designer at a historical museum. Marking a significant milestone in his career, “The Ocean” stands as his inaugural comic to be embraced by a major publishing house.

Ulrich Busk Hoff (consultant)

Ulrich Hoff is a Danish quantum physicist. He obtained his PhD in physics from the Technical University of Denmark in 2015 where he has also held a position as Senior Adviser in quantum technology up until recently. He is now taking on a job as Quantum Engagement Specialist in the Danish quantum computing start-up Kvantify. Ulrich is deeply engaged in the formation of a Danish quantum ecosystem and is a board member of the Danish Quantum Community. In addition, he is a very active and dedicated science communicator, a widely used speaker, and co-author of a several children’s books and graphic novels on various scientific topics.


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