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Suspense & Thrillers

  • Homunculus


    1 book
    76 pages
    28,5 x 22,0 cm.
    Published in Danish and French.



    Meet supernatural sleuth Dr Harryhausen who fights false psychic media and explores the fifth dimension. Usually accompanied by his sidekick Homunculus – who, as his name suggests, is an artificial being created by an occult group whom Dr Harryhausen fiercely battles …


    Rune Ryberg Danish Comics Foreign RightsRune Ryberg

    Rune Ryberg is an award-winning Danish comic book artist with a history in animation. His style is loose and colour-full, often with longer wordless sequences and a focus on the characters inner emotional struggles and tribulations. His work is not shy of vivid colours and the reader is usually subjected to a playful 70’s acid trip. In 2020, Rune received the Danish Arts Foundation’s 3-year work grant, for his contribution to the art that is a renewal of Danish comics.


    Benni Bødker Danish Comics Foreign RightsBenni Bødker

    Born in 1975. He holds a Master’s Degree in Danish Literature and Philosophy and works as a publishing editor and teaches creative writing. He has published the novels Helvedesmaskinen (2004, The Infernal Machine) and Besættelse (2005, Occupation) for young adults and the children’s vampire series Nattens Børn (2006, Children of the Night) along with several easy reading titles. His books in English include Halloween (2004) and The Ghost Rider (2005).



  • Made Flesh


    1 book
    123 pages
    17,0 x 26,0 cm



    After his father’s death Michael must travel back to his childhood home to face a supernatural horror that threatens both him and his fiancé Rose.

    Script by Lars Kramhøft. Art by Tom Kristensen.


    Lats Kramhøft Danish Comics Foreign RightsLars Kramhøft

    Lars Kramhøft (born 1984).
    Graduate from The Animation Workshop 2011.
    Award-winning Danish graphic novelist, children’s book author & illustrator.


    Tom Kristensen Danish Comics Foreign RightsTom Kristensen

    Born in 1982. Tom Kristensen is an illustrator and occasionally award-winning comic creator. Graduated from Design School Kolding in 2012.



  • The Scrapbook


    1 book
    52 pages
    25,4 x 18,0 cm



    A horrifying lighthouse, bloody nightmares and an old scrapbook with clips from the 30’ties about a serial killer. The Scrapbook is a classic Christmas horror story and was nominated for “Best Horror Release of 2017” by the Danish Horror Society.


    Karsten Mungo Madsen Danish Comics Foreign RightsKarsten Mungo Madsen

    Director, animator, illustrator, writer and cartoonist. Karsten is manager and owner of Tiny Film ApS, that produces animated TV series.
    His illustrated children’s books have been published in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and China.




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