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Cook Books

  • Cousin Gross’ (dis)tasteful monstercookbook


    2 books
    88 pages
    21.0 x 28.0 cm

    Ages 6 years and up



    The Underworld’s leading chef, good old Cousin Gross, has gathered 30 of the most terrifying monsters and their favourite dishes in the most (dis)tasteful cookbook the world has ever seen. The book was heavily covered on national Danish tv, radio and magazines when it came out.

    Book 2

    In 2021 came the follow-up, Cousin Gross’ (dis)tasteful gluten-free and lactose-free monstercookbook.

    Published digitally on Fairytell app in Sweden and Germany.


    Thomas Schrøder Danish Comics Foreign RightsThomas Schrøder

    Author of the series ”Cousin Gross’ monstercookbook” and ”The Impossibles” and author of ”What ever turns you on”, translator and Disney-expert.


    Niels Voss Boldvig Danish Comics Foreign RightsNiels Voss Boldvig

    Author and illustrator of children’s books.
    Artist of The Impossibles.




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