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Claus Deleuran Awards 2022

Claus Deleuran Awards 2022

The annual Claus Deleuran Awards were handed out during a ceremony in central Copenhagen on the first Saturday of December.

The award pays tribute to the best Danish achievements in comics in the past year.

In 2021 they were:

Punk Life Crisis cover

The Claus Deleuran Award

Best Danish Comic 2021


The award went to Simon Petersen for his hilarious graphic novel ‘Punk Life Crisis’, which came out in October 2021 and tells the story of the antagonist Simon, who is pushing 40 and grabs that one last chance to be cool and rock out in a band, while his old-time punk friends have become parents and suburbanites.

Only Simon is still dreaming of becoming a lead singer in a punk band before it’s too late. One night at a metal karaoke event, an old friend invites him to join a new band.

The story is based on real events and over a zoom connection from Esbjerg, Jutland, Simon confirmed that his career as lead singer in a punk band really came about after his appearance on a Death Metal karaoke stage.

Simon Petersen is working on his next graphic novel, ‘Learning for Life’, coming out in Autumn 2023: Simon is a young inexperienced teacher who takes the big step from a small art school to a huge institution for young adults. We meet the uptight, strict teacher who sees the school as a factory and the mellow, seen-it-all-before type, who’s just holding out for retirement. In the melting pot of this environment, a modern teacher is created.
A harsh satire based on the Author’s own experience as a teacher.

Best Danish debut 2021


Lina Rosé Saxtorph’s debut comic ‘Anepantla’ is set in Central America, in the 1480’s Aztec empire.

We follow the young woman Atl and her travel to the capital to become a court musician. Here she is attracted by the mysterious rain god and the secrets hidden in his temple.

In her acceptance speech, Lina revealed that her interest in the Aztec culture started already in her teenage years, but the actual inspiration for the series came from a single photo of a native woman standing in a doorway in Central America.

Best Danish author/artist 2021


Lars Kramhøft Danish Comics Foreign Rights

Lars Kramhøft got the award for ‘Working Poor’, an Instagram comic later published as 4 comic books. The entire series was published as a TPB the following year by Fahrenheit under the title ‘Husvild’ (homeless).

Over a zoom connection from a bar in Kuala Lumpur, Lars thanked for the award and answered questions from the audience about his current daily strip “Byens Lys” (city lights) in the daily newspaper ‘Information’. He is off to a good start and assured that the stripes for the whole of January ARE produced.

It was the second year in a row, that Lars Kramhøft won the award: In 2021 he won the BEST DANISH COMICS AUTHOR 2020 category for his graphic novel ‘Something Awful Is Always About To Happen’, a story about a young man trying to find love and success in the brutally competitive creative world while struggling with loneliness, depression and the consequences of toxic masculinity.


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