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Exhibition: “Diplomatie et bande dessinée” – with a Danish contribution

Exhibition: “Diplomatie et bande dessinée” – with a Danish contribution

From March 14 until May 14 The French Institute of Turkey presented the exhibition Diplomatie & Bande Dessinée (Diplomacy and comics) showing a selection of historical events as illustrated through unpublished archival documents and comics pages by illustrators or cartoonists.

The exhibition is based on an original idea by Hervé Magro (French Ambassador to Turkey) and Albert Drandov (comics consultant, AD2 Productions).

It took place on the gates of the IFT building in Izmir, and one of the displayed works was Danish artist Henrik Rehr’s graphic novel Tuesday/Tribeca Sunset, an eyewitness account of the 9-11 terror attack on New York City and the impact of its aftermath on the people of the city.

The exhibition can still be seen in Paris at Archives diplomatiques de La Courneuve at 3 rue Suzanne Masson until July 8.

  • More info about the exhibition (in French)
  • More info about Tuesday/Tribeca Sunset by Henrik Rehr




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