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‘Ivalu’ – movie based on Danish graphic novel nominated for Academy Award

‘Ivalu’ – movie based on Danish graphic novel nominated for Academy Award

Ivalu movie graphic novel

Above: The movie poster for ‘Ivalu’ and the cover for ‘Ivalu’.

The short film ‘Ivalu’ by Anders Walter and Pipaluk K. Jørgensen was nominated on January 24th for an Academy Award in the category for Live Action Short.

The movie tells ‘an important and poetic story from Greenland about abuse and suicide,’ said Claus Ladegaard, CEO of the Danish Film Institute and Chairman of the Danish Oscar submitting Committee.

Adapted from a graphic novel

The movie is an adaption of the Danish graphic novel ‘Ivalu‘ written by Morten Dürr and illustrated by Lars Horneman, following up on their successful first collaboration from 1917, ‘Zenobia‘, which were published in more than 17 countries worldwide.

The graphic novel ‘Ivalu’ is a story from remote Greenland about sexual abuse and suicide among children and young adults. A young girl suddenly has to face the horrible realities of incest and suicide, when her older sister, Ivalu disappears.

‘And the Oscar goes to …’

‘Ivalu’ the movie did not win, however. The 95th Academy Awards were handed out on March 12th in Los Angeles, and the winner was the movie ‘An Irish Goodbye’.

It was director Anders Walter’s second Oscar nomination. In 2014, he won the category with his short movie ‘Helium’. In 2017, he directed the feature film ‘I Kill Giants’, an adaption of Ken Niimura’s graphic novel. Two years later, Variety connected Anders Walter to a planned TV series adapting ‘The Quest for the Time Bird’ by French comic-book masters Serge Le Tendre and Régis Loisel.

No stranger to comics

Anders Walter is no stranger to comics: In fact, he started out doing comics himself in the mid 1990s, selling his 20-page Tour de France story ‘Eddy van der Velo’  to the French daily newspaper France Soir. In 2006 and 2010, he published the graphic novels ‘Solas #1: Opikayana’ and ‘Solas #2: The Silent Attack’, showcasing his talent for beautiful artwork. After that, Anders Walter devoted all his time to movies.

Below: ‘Ivalu’ – official trailer for the movie.


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