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Freddy Milton on his Nuft Series from Fantagraphics

Freddy Milton on his Nuft Series from Fantagraphics

Freddy Milton Gnuff Nuft Fantagraphics volume 1 and 2

Currently, Fantagraphics is releasing the Gnuff series in the United States. So far two books, each containing three stories have been released. Danish author/artist Freddy Milton explains:

“Forty years ago Fantagraphics wanted to publish a monthly magazine with funny animals, Critters.

Freddy Milton Gnuff Nuft Fantagraphics volume 1 and 2

Critters #13

Freddy Milton Gnuff Nuft Fantagraphics volume 1 and 2

Critters #7

The editor was of Danish origin, and he liked European comics. Since I was doing a funny animal comic, Gnuff, it could be fitted into that concept, particularly because my stories were divided into chapters of 10-13 pages each due to prior publishing in the Nordic Woody Woodpecker magazine.

The publishing in the US lasted 3-4 years, and half of my stories with Gnuff were printed there. I made grey overlays to boost the impact of the pages, originally made for colour printing.

A few years ago I suggested the stories be reprinted the way it has become common these days: With a number of albums put together in one book, the ‘integrale’ concept. Fantagraphics accepted that premise, and I met the publisher at the Angouleme festival. He would have liked to start with my Woody Woodpecker albums, but Universal didn’t accept that, so instead I have remade them as Gnuff stories to be included in the planned 8 volume reprint series.

The original name Gnuff was changed to Nuft because the publisher thought the original name was too close to Puff, an iconic dragon figure in American folk culture.”

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Freddy Milton Danish Comics Foreign RightsFreddy Milton

Comics artist and writer. Has worked with the European editions of Donald Duck and Woody Woodpecker. Gnuff (aka The Dragons) and Villiam are two of his own comics creations.
Since the start of his career in the 1970s, he has worked for Danish, Swedish and Dutch comics publishers. During the 2010s he has also acted as a novelist.



18 books
48 pages each
22.0 x 29.5 cm


Nuft and the last Dragons Gnuff Freddy Milton Danish Comics Foreign Rights


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